Posigen Green Grants Sets up Solar Operations in Metairie Centre

When PosiGen Green Grants was searching for office space in the Greater New Orleans area, they needed a convenient, central location that was easily accesible

Posigen Logo

Posigen Logo

for their clients.  They chose Metairie Centre office building.  Their 6,500 square foot high-tech headquarters occupies a suite that was once home to technology giant Cisco Systems.

PosiGen Green Grants’ mission is, in their words, to be the world’s most amazing energy enterprise dedicated to delivering freedom, power and pure positive energy to all.  They make solar panels affordable for any home owner, helping them take control of their energy costs and take back their financial freedom.  It is no surprise that going green is what they are all about.  Green is also the primary theme in their office design, as you can see from the photos below.  We welcome PosiGen Green Grants as a valued member of Metairie Centre and the New Orleans community.

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