National Cargo Bureau Upgrades Office Space

National Cargo Bureau recently expanded their New Orleans operations into a new office space in Metairie Centre office building.  When deciding what type of layout they wanted, National Cargo opted for a large, open work area with just one perimeter office and a conference room.  The new corner suite has wraparound windows and provides an abundance of natural light.

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National Cargo’s new Metairie office capitalizes on some of the key global trends in office space layout.  Namely a large, open space that fosters collaboration and communication among team members.  Companies across the world–from Fortune 500 to small startups–are opting for large, open spaces when renting or purchasing office space.  Not only does this type of floor plan encourage communication and creativity among employees, it is less expensive to build since multiple offices are replaced by a single open space.

National Cargo’s new office takes full advantage of the ambient natural light, another trend in office design.  Studies show more natural light contributes to higher employee satisfaction and productivity in the office.  It is also more energy efficient.

National Cargo Bureau performs surveys and inspections that are incidental to the loading or discharging of ships.  Some of their services include volume and weight calculations, container inspections, and hazardous material services.

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