Metairie–the True Hub of the Nola Business Scene

In contrast to our normal posts about overall business and real estate trends, this article may seem somewhat laser focused and oddly self serving.  Perhaps.  But if you are considering expanding to the New Orleans area or already do business here, pay attention.  You’ll find this info helpful.  By the way, for you out of towners, it’s pronounced (Met-uh-ry)

Location, Location, Location

Let’s choose a central, convenient place in Metairie to illustrate our point.  Say, Edenborn Avenue in the heart of Metairie, coincidentally the location of our own office building (space is available!).  Edenborn Avenue is directly off Interstate 10 (the main artery through the city, for you out of towners).  Flying out for the weekend?  You can get to the airport  from here in ten minutes flat (7.8 miles to the terminal door)!

Have a lunch meeting downtown? Just hop on I-10 and you’re at the Superdome in less than 10 minutes (6.5 miles), depending on traffic.  Want to get out of the hustle and bustle  and retreat to the suburban North Shore?  If you worked in Metairie, you wouldn’t have to drive any further once you crossed the lake.


Many find that the total cost of working in Metairie is less expensive on average than working in the CBD.  The price per square foot for office space is comparable between the two areas but the extra costs in Metairie are usually less.  For example, many office buildings here offer free parking, as opposed to downtown where businesses can pay upwards of $200 per parking space per month!  If you add that to your yearly rent figure,you could end up paying quite a bit more for a downtown location.

Living and working in Metairie can save you valuable time, and, since your time has opportunity costs, working here could save you real dollars.  Roadways in and around the central business district of New Orleans get congested during rush hour times.  Spare yourself the wasted time and frustration of those commutes by choosing to work in Metairie.

Amenities in Metairie


Metairie offers the same high quality amenities as any large city.  For shopping, there’s the Lakeside Shopping Center–anchored by Macy’s, Dillards, and JC Penny’s and includes stores like J. Crew, Banana Republic, Restoration Hardware, and more.  Metairie boasts all the major chain and big box stores you’re looking for–Best Buy, Target, Whole Foods, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, to name a few.


The restaurants in Metairie are second to none.  The area is often overlooked by tourists, but locals know better.  Metairie has New Orleans favorites like Acme Oyster House, Drago’s Seafood, Cafe Du Monde, and Zea Rotisserie.  Other upscale dining options include Houston’s and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.  Of course if you’re looking for something familiar, drop by national favorites like Buffalo Wild Wings, Chick-fil-A, and Outback.  Metairie offers a balanced blend of traditional favorites with plenty of local Nola flavor.


Metairie is the perfect place to call home if you decide to live in Greater New Orleans.  Situated in the center of the metropolitan area, Metairie has suburban comforts and  NOLA vibe.  You’re so close to everything from here (especially if you live and work here) but without the confinement of big city living.  Metairie also boasts some of the area’s best schools.  Not to mention some of the better roadways–potholes are few and far between.

New Orleans has so much to offer residents and the millions of tourists who come here each year.  If you are thinking of moving here for work, you are sure to discover a new world of culture and things to do.  You can’t go wrong by choosing to live in New Orleans proper, but by choosing an office in Metairie, you will find that it could save you time, money and the flexibility to see and enjoy this great city on your terms.

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