How to Reduce Your Office Moving Costs

When negotiating a lease, most business owners and decision makers focus solely on rent and forget about the other potential costs.  There will be moving-related expenses that you face when relocating to a new office building, and you should be aware of them.  There may also be move-out provisions in your new lease that could cost you even more money several years down the road.

Move-In Costs

Generally, you are required to move in after normal business hours so as not to disturb other tenants.  If the building has a freight elevator, you will have to utilize it during the move.  Find out if the Landlord charges for use of the freight elevator.  Some buildings do not have after hours security guards, but they might require you to have an on-site guard while you move in, leaving you to pay the bill.  It takes many hours to lug office furniture into a new place, and freight elevator and security guard charges will add up fast.   Take a good look at your lease and see what kind of moving provisions exist before signing.


Will your current office furniture be adequate in your new space?  You may have to upgrade when you make the move.  Even though office furniture is surprisingly expensive when new, it has little salvage value. If working with a shoestring budget, try to buy used office furniture if you can find it.  Also ask your new Landlord if they have unused furniture laying around from past tenants.  It could be an easy and inexpensive solution if you are pressed for time and don’t need a lot of sophisticated furniture.

Move-Out Costs

Before signing a lease, make sure there are no move-out provisions.  In some buildings, tenants are required to pay for the demolition of their space once they move out, restoring it to it’s original layout.  You should not have to pay this unless your business required very specific modifications to the space, like plumbing and fixtures for a medical office–modifications that would be hard to market to most future tenants.   In most Metairie buildings, move-out costs may not be a factor but it is worth asking about before you agree to a lease.

You don’t need to know of all the possible moving-related costs you could incur when leasing space, just know that these costs do exist, and ask about them before agreeing to a lease.

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