Creative Office Spaces: JetBlue’s New York Offices

Creative Office Spaces include open spaces, positive messages, ergonomic seating and private meeting areas.  These are a few of the benefits of the new JetBlue New York offices.  This new facility was clearly designed taking into consideration the unique needs and company culture of Jet Blue.

Employees have different needs

Portability, flexibility and privacy make the workplace more “user-friendly” for employees. However, having private areas for one-on-one meetings and areas suitable for open meetings among employees is also something that we all should consider when creating our office space.

Technology needs

Today’s board room is not as stuffy as it once was. Dark oval tables are more commonly replaced with a large, open table that offers all those who enter a spot to plug in their devices. Rather than large “managers chairs” circling the tables, we’re more likely to see more ergonomically designed chairs that are far more comfortable and safer for employees.  Bulky projectors are now replaced with laptop sized projectors that are easily connected to nearly any device in the facility. Telephones may also be replaced by an option for video conferencing.

Innovations in technology have changed the way we must think about our office layouts. User-friendly offices can mean greater productivity.  Top shelf technology is changing how we think about our office space. Laptops are often replacing desktop computers and other space is designated to group working environments.

Home away from home

Cafeterias or lunch rooms, coffee nooks and other areas that are suitable for employees to wind down and get away from stressful situations when necessary are becoming more prevalent. In the case of JetBlue, they’ve gone a step further and included an area where employees will find an X-Box to get away from it all for a few minutes.  Making sure that your employees are comfortable without sacrificing productivity is one of the many lessons to be learned from JetBlue.

Creating a productive environment

Managers and business owners should take a look at JetBlue and other companies and see how they have handled their renovations. Talk to your employees and find out what “improvements” they would like to see in their work areas. Open work space may not be right for everyone and may not be right all the time, however, there may come a time when it makes sense.

Chances are that most business owners will not go to the extremes that JetBlue did when they opened their new facility. However, a work environment that offers a positive atmosphere, a sense of privacy and areas for rest and relaxation should be considered by all business owners.

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