Creative Office Spaces: JetBlue’s New York Offices

Creative Office Spaces include open spaces, positive messages, ergonomic seating and private meeting areas.  These are a few of the benefits of the new JetBlue New York offices.  This new facility was clearly designed taking into consideration the unique needs and company culture of Jet Blue. Employees have different needs Portability, flexibility and privacy make […]

How to Reduce Your Office Moving Costs

When negotiating a lease, most business owners and decision makers focus solely on rent and forget about the other potential costs.  There will be moving-related expenses that you face when relocating to a new office building, and you should be aware of them.  There may also be move-out provisions in your new lease that could […]

The Hidden Truth about Parking Costs in New Orleans

When leasing office space, parking costs can quickly eat away at your bottom line if you are not careful.  However, this cost largely depends on which part of the city you are looking at.  Parking is generally the most expensive for tenants in downtown markets.  New Orleans is a good example.  In the Central Business […]

Gross Lease vs. Net Lease–What’s the best value?

When looking for office space, you will likely encounter a few different lease types.  What do the different leases mean and what is the best value?  In this article we will discuss each type of lease and how to compare your options. If you have ever rented an apartment or condominium in the past, you […]

How to Reduce Operating Expenses In Your Lease

Operating expenses are the total costs that the Landlord pays to keep a commercial office building running. They include utilities (electricity, water, sewage),janitorial, maintenance, supplies, security, administrative costs, building insurance, and property taxes. The most common type of office lease is the gross lease, sometimes called a full service lease, in which all these operating […]

The 7 Mistakes of Leasing Office Space, Part 1

Congratulations!  Your business is growing and you’re ready to upgrade into a larger office, or you are leasing your own office space for the first time.   Perhaps you are just looking for a better deal. So now what?  As a business owner or key decision maker, it is your responsibility to carefully consider all […]

The 7 Mistakes of Office Leasing, Part 2

In Part 1 of our series we examined three of the costliest mistakes tenants make when leasing office space .  Those mistakes included tenants not giving themselves enough time to adequately search for space and negotiate a lease;  tenants failing to understand their space needs; and tenants not taking their corporate identity and long term […]